Program Development

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Many nonprofits have challenges that are holding them back. Whether it’s a set of programmatic or organizational assumptions that are ten years out of date, programs that aren’t achieving projected results or not having an updated strategic plan, our team has years of domestic and international experience creating and reinventing sustainable programs that have measurable outcomes. These new and reinvented programs have the capacity to open doors to new funding streams. We provide a host of services that include creating plans for action, developing new programs, redesigning existing programs, providing insights on how to grow the community you serve, and more. All of our work will make you more grant ready and provide your organization with more and richer opportunities to serve its constituency.

We offer a number of program and organizational development services to help optimize your organization’s programs that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

We offer packages that range from:

  • developing a programmatic blueprint and budget for a new, cost effective, grant ready, mission-driven program to
  • developing easy, low maintenance ways of gathering data to ensure your organization’s evaluation results are consistent with funder information and data requests.

You will always find us prepared to work closely with you to help you achieve your organization’s goals. We are experienced, committed professionals prepared to help ensure the long-term success of your organization and its programs.

Program Development Services We Provide

 New Program Development: This service includes working closely with you and your staff to identify your program concept and its desired outcomes, and developing a fully integrated programmatic blueprint and budget for a new, cost effective, grant ready, mission-driven program designed to serve your specific community. At your request, we can train your staff on how to launch the new program, what issues to keep an eye on, and how to track the program’s effectiveness. We will also be available for additional consulting as needed.

Updating Existing Programs: This service begins by working closely with you and your staff to fully understand how your existing program functions. From there, we help you articulate your program’s concept for change and desired outcomes. Based on that information and your demographic data points, we work closely with your organization’s staff to identify solutions and/or develop an updated blueprint and budget for your existing mission-driven program to make it grant ready.

Organizational Development and Effectiveness: This boutique service enables us (a fresh set of eyes) to work with you on issues you define that are vital to your organization’s effectiveness and success. This may include analyzing your programs, helping establish data collection and evaluation criteria, creating or revising your strategic plan, and more – you get to determine what your needs are and how we can assist. We are prepared to work across the gamut – from individuals who are just organizing a new nonprofit to established organizations that have been around for fifty years.


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